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We organise fun, interesting, and meaningful treasure hunts. These hunts include Motor Hunts, Walk Hunts, Team Building Hunts, and more. With more than 20 years of experience in English Hunts and Chinese Hunts, you can be assured that our hunts bring the fun and memorable experience you will ever have.

The Chinese Hunt I first organised was recognised as Malaysia’s FIRST-EVER all-Chinese treasure hunt, and I will continue to do what I like – my passion for Treasure Hunt will never stop because I would like more people to know more about Treasure Hunts. Because they are just FUN. – RICKY Koo (Take-a-Break Events)

Upcoming Hunts | 近期寻宝活动

Chek Hup 新山咖啡之旅
04 Jul
7:00 am 吉隆坡 – 新山
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吉隆坡至新山 总值超过十万零吉的手礼, 奨品与奖金等着您们来赢取 荣誉呈献: 泽合怡保白咖啡 Chek Hup Ipoh White Coffee 主办: 中国报 China Press 策划: 休闲一族 Take A Break Events

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